Fall Cocktails

Absinthe Cocktail
Meadow of Love | Aromatic Bitters | Citrus Bitters

Arcane Daquiri
Taconic Rolling Hills Rum | Lemon | Lime | Arcane Fernet

The Bitter American (on Tap!)
Dorothy Parker Gin | Vervino #5 | Bittermen's Amere Sauvage

Comrade Presidente
LIV Potato Vodka | Vervino #5 | Tuthilltown Triple Sec Grenadine | Cherry

Fall Fashion
Finger Lakes Maplejack | Fee's Aromatic Bitters |Cherry & Orange Flag

Fifty Fifty Rocks
Dorothy Parker Gin | Vervino #5 | Orange Bitters | Olive

Take Daily, As Needed
Black Dirt Bourbon | Ginger | Lemon | Honey | Smoked Chili Bitters | King's County Peated Bourbon

Vermouth Cobbler
Balsam Rosé Vermouth | Citrus | Mint | Seasonal Fruit

Dressed Up Cans

Dressed Genesee Beer Can
Genesee Beer | Queens Majesty Hot Sauce | Lime | Salt

Dressed Rosé Cider Can
Nine Pin Rosé Cider | Arcane Fernet | Lime | Absinthe


Fancy Booze & Soda
Booze, Grocer’s Club Soda, Citrus & Bitters
Choose: ALB Vodka / Dorothy Parker Gin / Coppersea Springtown Whiskey

Rock Dove
Booze, Q Grapefruit Soda & Lime
Choose: Rusty Piton White Whiskey / Taconic Aged Rum / Dorothy Parker Gin

Strong Johnnie
Booze, Johnnie Ryan Cola & Citrus
Choose: Cask & Crew Rye / Owney's Rum / Arcane Fernet

And Tonic
Booze, Tonic & Citrus
Choose: Black Dirt Applejack / ALB Orange Vodka / Interboro Hibiscus Gin

Cardiff Mule
Booze, Pickett’s Ginger Beer & Lime
Choose: ALB Vodka / Dorothy Parker Gin / Owney's Aged Rum

Old Tom Collins
Greenhook Old Tom Gin | Lemon | Grocer's Club